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Friday, January 25, 2019

FYI: For the Team - Three (3) important new links - you may have these and if you don't you will now have them!

Links added below: 3 - you may have these and if you don't you will now have them! 



Stop Trafficking - Interesting Links - #StopTrafficking #ForJenny

The links above are for the investigation and refer to situations being researched. What you do with these links is up to you and yours. Use them wisely. 


PS. Roger Stone has been freed on bail as of this hour

Never Quit! - Listen to the truth... Watch the Witch Hunt get plenty of press for nothing! USA

Copy of note to my Q group and decoder friends... #WeAre Sheep No More!"

Folks there is a lot happening. 2 nights ago I called into Shawn's show and tried to encourage him. My head injury made me cry several times, but I think I got my point through. We all need to stay focused and keep going. #Q1602

Don't be discouraged for any reason... threats or not, I will not quite. I also am upset because the anon community cannot seen to quite worrying about the other guy's support of lack there of... too bad. #Q714

This opportunity to stop the deep state has had 1000(s) of people speak up and now there are so many of us speaking it's good. Remember they cannot kill us all. #Q533 Q532

Don't stop.! I, myself have been threatened and even stalked, and my family thinks I am just one of the crazy Q crazed guys. I saw the Q as the only hope the very day it first emerged.

I still think it is very real and I support General Flynn all the way!. There is no time to give up. I don't care if I cannot hide well enough and if I have been too exposed. I know what I know and I have a lot to share and am doing what I can in as many ways as possible. #Q142 Wake Up, USA! Sheep No More! <<< SOMEONE STARTED A GROUP... #SheepNoMore

Today, Facebook tried unsuccessfully to stop me and I am so happy. They are taking my money and they are allowing me to stay out of FB jail. I had to slow down but that is OK. We will win if we persist. [Roger Stone Is Released as I write this!]

Situational Awareness: I loaded my tool today after having some one send me a picture of the Cross on the church close to my house. I know they are close and I know this is a DIRECT THREAT ON MY LIFE. But I am not fearful at all. I will relocate after dark.

November 1, 2017 there was a statement made that is important. I will again use it in the new one... but, I made the video attached a fed days ago and it's been around. The new one I am working on today is called "WE ARE Sheep No More" Based on sheep in the qanon DB.

Don't stop and don't be afraid. πŸΏπŸ¦…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸΈ⭐️⭐️⭐️