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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mark Meadows Slaps Michael Cohen with Criminal Referral over Foreign Age...

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What about the India - Pakistan fighting!






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Michael Pento – Falling Interest Rates - Rocket Fuel for Gold

How to Block Smart Meters, Wifi, And 5g - At least in your Home - fixed

The Matrixxx/Grooove Hour 2/27/19 #QArmyStrong

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Michelle Obama & the Jussie Smollett Scam

Why is Hillary still walking around? #CF101 #Justice #NotNowHillary

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Planned long ago. Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are go...

SerialBrain2: The bomb that went off that you probably didn't hear. #Dance

Latest Qanon Posts 2-27-19 : Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENI...

Friday, February 22, 2019

Ep.099V We Are The News - The Best Is Yet To Come! Q2867

See This Link today and get more on what is happening tomorrow!

Many people are excited about the future of the country after all that has happened in the last 2 years. There is a sudden hope like never before (which is a renewed hope). This hope is felt to the sensitive who have felt something wrong since the 1940's after the murder of General Patton. Ask who Killed or Murdered Patton and Why? - Look it up! (Do a Search!) 

Since Patton was murdered the country has been suffering in an unknown by internal turmoil. As things get more and more uncovered, we see more and more relief in the masses. Not really knowing why the assassination of President John F  Kennedy happened or those who followed during the middle 1960's has left the nation spinning and really not knowing why. Where did the 1960's go?

There has been a divide that some institutions and organizations manipulated greatly to cause great divides in/of people. Dividing people by race, party and many other ways was their goal. They are now being exposed on a daily basis. The American People are being reunited in the strangest ways as the very evils of the Cabal (in many forms), is being addressed. What is a Cabal? - Click Here

In many many ways the US is being pulled back together and it is a big job, but very worth while. Literally the historic efforts of the early patriots who then called for the independence is coming to life. Little known historic facts that these brave people did back then, are now being discovered and a realization of the truths about WAR such as a Revolutionary War, A Civil War is evident. Many today know that the war was real then therefore, could get suddenly real in the US as well as around the world. This motivates us to go on with our efforts each and every day! 

Facts that blood shed is devastating is shocking to some that face realities as war is bantered about like it was a TV script. The reality of war is scary and life seems real lessened by these entities that do not really consider the full costs. We are teaching the history of some of the early wars on people to bring a better understanding of the real harms of these types of war. - This is the beginning! 

As we endeavor to make progress on the book we envision, we keep blogging, posting and sharing each and everyday so it's becoming and online book of sorts. Why?

The Republic is Why! USA #ForTheRepublic 

So few people today do not realize this is a REPUBLIC ... therefore #WeAre 

Do a Safe Coffee Crew Search

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Q2744 & Q746 Quick Decodes & Awareness "Moon Beam" They Were Removed!

Moon Bean! 7/2017 They Were Removed Q2746

Dark to Light as Q2746 and Q2744 are shared On Morning Coffee - 

We called it "moon beam" because the photos were taken 

on the 4 July 2017 in the moon light... 

We share some memes that we liked and added Q2744 too! 

Enjoy the show! 

Let the Lord Bless you with Q2744 as well.

Can we get along, Jussie Smollet, and more.

Weekly Link Round Up!

Coffee Crew Weekly Link Round Up!  MAGA Hat Culture

Links to See and Share! #Share 

Interesting Issues on Gangs and The Northwest Region!

Get the map? What is Q-map?

What this is? What is happening? Is this to real?

Facebook - Coffee Crew Show

Why are they not covering this? #NoTheirThere

Do the lerking for yourself--- ??? Where to start?

5231163 Q2775
Well done, Patriot.
Important to note 'Q' drops just prior to POTUS.
Something BIG is coming.

WWG1WGA - Unity's Message to see over and over!

Deep State Predictions 2019: Major Data Dump with DAVID WILCOCK [Part 1/5!]

See our Main Channel on YouTube: American Reviews

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Ep.087 Washington State Hot Bed! #GunGrabbers

Is JFK Jr Still Alive? In Search of Vincent Fusca (a short documentary)

Black Ops Operator Comes Forward And Tells All:Cody Snodgres

"The Movie's Starting!" - Luke Slytalker (Q Music)

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Q2744 & Q2746 Pass it On! #peopleknow #DarkToLight

Q2744 & Q2746
Pass it On!

This is the long version. Contains 2 Decodes for public viewing and information awareness. This is not a deep dive. But it sure is waking up people. 

A Study of the Q-post #Q142 and drill down is here... 

Sharing a screen shot from on of our videos is (above) about the prediction of The Storm by a "Painter." 

Ad this is a must see... "Ref: Do what is right!"  

Other interesting points of view: Patriots and Presidents

See the podcasts here: Coffee Crew Show Podcast - Tracks - Ep-087

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  3. We are discourage about the loss of Google+ as a tool for getting the word out.
  4. To the people we share with... "We are discouraged about the overall issues." 
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