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Friday, April 30, 2021

KNOCK, KNOCK, WHO’S THERE? Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 79 =[on Abomination Coffee] = Fresh Grind! - Loved the Knock Knock Joke!

Ep. 1511 How the Deep State Targeted Giuliani - The Dan Bongino Show® 407

Boeing 747 Followed by a UFO | An Out Of This World Encounter | Japan Ai... 323

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones but Words Will Never Hurt Me with ...

And the Citizen Journalist of the Year Award Goes to George Webb



Clinton Makes RFK Assassination Remark [Historic Deep Dives] Did she say that? Why? "You know, Bobby Kennedy died In California In June..." [Jun 6 in California 1968]

Exiled British Millionaire Exposes America's Darkest Secrets | Shaun Att... The Last Half was worth witing for... He let the cat our of the bag.... for the boy! We repost this... Stop Pay for Profit Prisions! NOW >>> USA.

Exiled British Millionaire Exposes America's Darkest Secrets | Shaun Att...

ENDGAME 2050 | Full Documentary [Official] - where are we today? 430

How the Nazis Lost the War Because of a Single Corpse

The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

VACCINE FACTS: Watch This While You Can... | Louder with Crowder

LIVE: Ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies to the House Judiciary...

WATCH: Mueller’s full testimony before the House Judiciary Committee

The Plot to Hack America - Malcolm Nance

Distinguished Speaker Series Presents: Malcolm Nance

God's Speed - Morning Coffee!


Thoughts on Joe Biden and Tim Scott Address to Congress

Part human, part monkey: Scientists engineer hybrid

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Chris Rock PSA - How Not To Get Your A** Kicked By The Police [14 years old and still going... PSA of the Decade] []![]

NOW: CDC lifted outdoor mask mandate - SOON -0- No Equity! We found the Keyword the Mockingbird media and & CDC is using on you! WATCH... later in the day NYC and others talk about Equity and MASS vac sites. Don't be fooled.

JT live


President Joe Biden: Will outline Covid rebound steps next week, ahead o... Q? PROPERTY & equity SERIES! SEE THE LIST... IS THE MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA & CDC IN ON THIS ATTACK ON YOU? NO EQUITY

LIVE: New York Governor Cuomo speaks at a mass vaccination site at SUNY ... ?MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA? USES EQUITY FOR CONDITIONING YOU --- NO EQUITY! 4 A:M DROPS? COVID EQUITY?

No Equity - A playbook of shows connecting the dots... there is no equity! See it and know as many do ohr will. They want you as property. No Equity.

AMERICAN Reviews -American Have You No Shame? Brett Kavanaugh Speaks Up!



"Thought-Terminating Clich├ęs" 4/27/21 - Live Stream[[d] = It's Coming... ] SOON ~

"The Big Little Club & The Titanic" 4/14/21

RINOS Have Plan to Sabotage Trump

Morning Coffee - SheepNoMore - If enough People Know? Do you know YET?

Morning Coffee On Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts -RC-EI Q3158 [CCSP] 4700[!... Smelt The Coffee - Have You?

Coffee Crew Show Live Watch Acts of the Vote & Subsequent Speech by Sena... [2 years ago] Belgrade ... still and issues?

I love the smell of Marxism Burning in the morning.

I.P. Addresses and Internet Mysteries w/ G.w. & Kris "The IP" Hunter

Monday, April 26, 2021

Democratic freedoms 'hanging by a thread' due to Biden's radical policie...

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - Monday Moring Coffee! #GetCoffee

PATTON - Showed the World. 

"Pepe is not a hater"  but is..  A Communicator! 

By Coffee Crew

Remember - God Wins. Eph. 6:10-11 - Put the Full Armor on in PRAYER.

The facts matter and Pepe is not a hate symbol at all. The opposite it true. Pepe is a frog. He has many divers looks and has been abused by haters at times, but one thing he is not is a hate symbol.

This story (linked below), is distorting the facts of what PEPE the frog represents. 

In defense of Pepe, we say NO! We mean it too. 

Regular people everyday need to know the truth and PEPE is a frog who lets it all out. Sometimes people only see what they want to see and they forget that Pepe is a great way to let the truth come out.

At the Coffee Crew Show Podcast, we see Pepe, as a communicator and not a symbol of hate at all. Since we are coffee lovers and regular people who live regular lives in a regular world we see right through the distortion of anyone who would cast that kind of aspersion on poor old pepe! 

This story is distorting the facts about Pepe. We share it so you can see it too.

PATTON was real. He had a mission to stop the evil of a gerontocide. People know that. Masking the truth is not something General Patton did at all. In fact you can see that he took people into town who were then in denial that atrocities had done and showed them., They reacted and we have now on recorded a situation called "Suicide Weekend" and after seeing what they had ignored they did realize it was real. 

Patton is proof that the world cared and that some people needed to see that truth.


Today we have the very same issues going on and the control being waged again the world now is one more created example [201]. Yes, Created to geocide as many as they (the makers and supporters of the virus spreading more fear than virus. The actual fear itself is the virus. The fear is the FEMA CAMPS come alive by Quarantine. All built to control the population. 

The MSM and others want to cast a dark light on Pepe and make use of him to push the hate agenda. Don't be fooled at all. 

Think for your self and think the truth that comes out when a communicator takes Pepe to be what the statement of the day is... 

The Best is Yet To Come. 

Get Coffee.

Coffee Crew Show Podcast Live Stream - Lunch Time - Double Up - Listen Again!

Coffee Crew Show Podcast Live Stream - Lunch Time [422 blooper?] YeP What's On Fire? >> SmeltTheCoffee ??? Rabbits? [2049] It's All connected?

If you have not seen this, the coffee crew had lunch and watched together... 

We are offering this as an edition to bring you up to speed. 

What a great lunch this was --- The Great Awakening.

Thanks to [IntheMatrixxx] and [ShadyGrooove] !!!%

LQQKING Again... Enjoy The Show! 

Looking at the Fire & the Storm - Again

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Today is 4/26/2021 [249] [2049]  - Looking for a delta? 

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Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - Monday Moring Coffee! #GetCoffee [Get Coffee] The Time To Stand Up! #itstime

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Hillary Klug - Cotton Eyed Joe - Get Coffee! See the 1028 Coffee Stand Up Invitation! #GetCoffee

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Morning brief top stories, India hits new record with COVID-19 cases | N... Take No VaX [!!!%]

Mind Monsters 2.0 | Kevin Gerald - on Demolishing Strongholds

Thursday, April 22, 2021

WHO got RINO's in the CRISPR? (Ep. 64 4/22/21)

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts -BLM vs. BLM

Black Guns Matter founder: Most Americans see the 'fake media' CNN is

Black Lives Matter, in their own words are Witches, Marxist, work with C...

House Minority Leader McCarthy holds press conference

Hour 2 Live...

Trump on if he's considering a 2024 presidential run | 'Hannity' exclusive



Which states are home to the biggest snobs? Gutfeld weighs in

Home Depot reacts to boycott push over GA voting law

Ben Carson on Chauvin trial: Identity politics drive ‘stakes of division’

Does Smartmatic making the US Looks stupid?

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts BLM As They Say it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Coffee And Crime Time: Jonelle Matthews

Mr. Hands | The Enumclaw Horse Case | 2 Guys 1 Horse

Red State Talk Radio LIVE radio. Support our station by making a small d...

Seattle Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Seattle Pike Place Market - April Weekday Walking Tour

Relaxing Small Town Drive - Enumclaw, Washington in January

What To Do In Enumclaw, WA

Lead right Trump Kickoff 6 -18 -19 Enumclaw WA #leadright

The Gospel According to Mark read by David Suchet

Truthtellers Confront the Lies - Peter Chowka Live

Creek Jump Fail & Stupid 'Norms' - When Spiritually Drained | Part 5 (Co...

Ronald Reagan Birthday Centennial Celebration Program - 2/6/11

Socialism and the Scandinavian illusion | Dinesh D'Souza LIVE at Chapman...

Milton Friedman, Academy Class of 1971, Full Interview - Ohr was ti forced by those who run the fed? Who are the CFR and Stole your gold play both sides of everywar? - No New Deal. No New Norm ... No VACX [No UN] [.]

Victor Davis Hanson - Western Civilization, the Recovery of Greek Wisdom...

ISF2020: Vandana Shiva & David Suzuki: The Virus is a Wake-up Call

Vandana Shiva - Activism & Self-Care: How to remain resilient while comm...

Why Is Bill Gates Buying Up Stolen Native American Land?

DEFCON 3 Russia Invading Ukraine. Latest Military moves by US UK and EUT... Good Coffee. Where is the P8 now? 1st Search Pattern being run now... LIVE STREAMING

Monday, April 19, 2021

Seattle Slew - Full Documentary 406

It's the second leg of the Coronavirus Triple Crown Horse Race!! #TP #SoldOut

He Speaks My Language - Bishop T.D. Jakes

1985 visit Radio Caroline and Laser 558

#OHR RADIO November05th1985 0817hrs LASER558 Craig Novak Coded ...

Warren Buffett and the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting 20...1 - Nothing To See Here!

CNBC's Becky Quick interviews Warren Buffett (2/25/19), then on -226- Happy Birthday! #Focused - #DogNPonyShow

Texas Gov. Abbott holds press conference on border crisis - Why? #grangergreen Ohr? #AustinKnows Steam? #PeopleKnow

GOP Senators demand media access at the southern border 316

Protest Night USA Replay - Daunte Wright Adam Toledo Chauvin Minneapoli...

Wake Up America! Shootings, Shootings and More Shootings. Welcome to Bid... 257

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

5758 Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts -Q827 ##827, [THE BRIDGE], 234, 34, 45,128

5758 Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts -Q827 ##827, [THE BRIDGE], 234, 34, 45,128

1719 Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - WEDNESDAY! Morning Coffee !!!%

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts-Guest & Team on Voter Fraud - NATO Article 5... TRIGGERED !!!% #WeAareAsOne !!!%

ILLEGALS FIRST Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep58

Coffee Crew Show & Podcast 1/29/2019 #WeAre #PeopleKnow [UD & Re-Deliver...

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - Choose a playlist!

Welcome to Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - This is Funny! Wait For It!

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts-Guest & Team on Voter Fraud - NATO Article 5...

Your Treason Heart, Schiffy Poo take 2

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts-Guest & Team on Voter Fraud - NATO Article 5... and ​​ are web sites supporting this new channels.

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts-Guest & Team on Voter Fraud - NATO Article 5...

Colin Vue - Hindsight FULL ALBUM

1719 Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts- Sound Was Off but now you know! It happens!...

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - Guests On The Next Track [TEST]

Coffee Crew Show & Podcasts - Guests On The Next Track


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

1980 Presidential Candidate Debate: Governor Ronald Reagan and President...

It's right out of 1965.

In Full: Kevin McCarthy & GOP visit US-Mexico border ICE facility amid b...

Roland Martin BAFFLED By BRILLIANT Black Conservative!

GOP senators tour southern border

Live: Ted Cruz & GOP visits Texas migrant facility amid border crisis

Q Post 2265

Daily Dose Of Straight Talk With John B. Wells Episode 1512

Who and what is QAnon?

Capitol Police Officer Killed, Suspect Dead After Incident At Capitol | ...

September 11 - The Flight That Fought Back | United Airlines Flight 93

NATO and the days after 9/11

Crisis at the Border: Immigration Policy Failures

Coffee Crew Shop Podcast! More Guests and the talk of the day! Update for Morning Coffee!


This Show too!

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