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Thursday, May 13, 2021

A delegate speaks on the Communist Coup of February 1948 in Czechoslovak...


  1. When we were leaving one state to go to another we had coffee with a man who had a company stolen from him by MOB TACTICS. Instead of being asked by the company desiring to and (eventually running), the business, they just took it by force and legal twists of reality. That company, a corporation, stole a livelihood and product he, the creator may have been willing to sell. Instead it was stolen outright. Shameful acts by soilless corporations are now exposed. People Know what is happening.

    Another man and his wife were told they could not take profit from the sale of their land which was their retirement and a real profitable valued piece of real estate. We certainly encouraged all of these folks, people like you and I, to find ways to get back what was stole from them. And to pray for the ones who had stolen so as to see them repent and turron about from the spirit of the thief upon their souls. God Knows.

    Our nation was formed and founded upon the principals of The Chirst. Yes, Jesus The Chirist. He was here telling people of thses things and this age that woud come. It's amazing what we see in the bible and the news too. As in the Day of NOAH now has a new meaning for my entire team and I.

    The use of marketing to lure target groups should make you see that this a step toward a gobal kind of supply chain enslavement and more. Thess who are very few which own a lot of the supply chains have at one time convinced an entire set of generations (over a long time), to be loyal to their plans and plot, even the loyal were being used. Targeted at the top of the very chain that became their enemies. Why? Control of the masses, contorl of their humaine energies and resources as well. What's next? Their DNA?