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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dagen: Kamala Harris serving up a 'garbage casserole' on border crisis - This Crowd Smelt The Coffee... See the Comments and go for it. 17-45. Do it - Elbow to Elbow -- Shoulder to Shoulder.


  1. Do it... We are tougher on this one... listen and comment into he video.. taking our nation back means we stand up.

  2. For today's Coffee Crew all around the world. Know this is Historical Fiction with the early coffee and biscuit. You'll love the ongoing thriller as it gets rolling. Pages of it will be featured as pages in the blog, this excerpt is from chapter 5, the grace.

    HISTORICAL FICTION: Chapter 5 - from book "There is Grace" - Chapter: "Furry is A Woman Scorned" ~Found Online~ I saw this in 2004 - The tray that almost got me. Back at you... God is Love. ["Flying Ash Trays] will get you no-where, no-where. Jail is a cold cell in dark an dreary Dungan. Unseen spells will not get me now, I did not know, but now I do. Witchcraft will not work, I claim The Blood Of Jesus, that saved me. Remember: The past is gone and your future is too, as you sit bitter on that stool, because of what you have done is not like the forgiven." -TURN ABOUT I BEG- THIS is/WAS ON THE NeXT Page: "Now it's [A] long time past, but the wall of hate and lust could have been love and even kindness. [You had neither] FRUITS: I realize you got into something you could not see [hooked]. I realized it when 98 turned into 99 ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. Grange Hall DANCE: Tran of the Century; The hate that glowed then was real, I did not see [the dragon]. Why did you fake it, you could not make it. God knows that lifting a hand against a forging one is to your routine. Question: How many times has He given you to turn about? How many times has He hit you to wake you up? How many times has the evil in your heart been asked to repent and yet you refused? It's not for me to ask, it between you and God on your humble knees. God Knows your heart. Now throw out those cards and evils from with in you and Come to God. There is still time." - The next thing I knew, you had the mic and coal, while I stood in the field alone. We were 12 ( I was), when we met on bikes and unbeknownst to me you never really had any other plan then to do us all in by the plot made way back them. Now we know, it was shown to be true all along. I ask God to show, to forgive and let me move on, He did. You may have to know I'm praying for you and all The Christ haters like you... I did no see it before, but God showed us all. I even forgave your daughter for burning the salty beach rolled up and the plant stand, ice bucket of OAK. It was no joke as I watched her Burnett that night. I prayed for her then. I'll pray for her now. [End of Chapter 5] - Next: Choose the right side, Repent while you still can, the stormy seas are driven by the winds. And Yes, If she knew who I was, my name, then why send her to ask for me by the wrong name? (into to Chapter 6: ~ more historical fiction! Titled: Author Unknown.