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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Gen. Keane: Colonial Pipeline attack involves 'dark secret' with Russia

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  1. In Lakewood WA for example, we talked to man who knew a gain was using a family 50 miles to the north, and had set up operations to distribute to the highest bidder stolen goods from the estate 50 miles to the north. The unknowing buyers were actually buying stolen goods and had or have no idea that this is going on. The very same lister on CL (craigslist), were send using offer up and others. This is a big deal.

    When the man went to the police to report it he found the offices closed. He dropped it off. Then a day later or so and he goes to Lakewood and again due to Covid19 the lobby is closed. The story thickened there because he is rejected by one office and another takes his report unwillingly and mocks him as he leaves. What a mess we find ourselves in today.

    In our travels in all western states we fined the same things. Washington, Oregon. Idaho, California, Montana and more, all with stories matching the ones we made as examples. We met a lady in Spokane, WA. who had brain operations and people who were to be taking care of her were actually stealing her goods, property and possessions as well as her peace of mind. this was not acceptable. The one good person helping her saw that drug infested persons were taking advantage of her and he himself was appalled. He stopped to help her. Others close to her were praying for her and helping the entire community, which seems like a war zone of drugs, gangs, homeless and hungry people. We saw some good at the grass roots level.