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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Listening In: JFK on Integration in University of Mississippi (September...

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  1. The Truth About Washington




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    To Whom It may Concern behind enemy lines ~ USA
    Upcoming: Cases & Case Reviews: News on the Digital War Zone Reports
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It has come to my attention that there are Washington Residents that have conspired to break the law by doing bad things to citizens with and without their knowledge and permission. This is a very strong and fully investigable condition.

    One example is that the law being used to steal the property of California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington residents (et alone the rest of the USA and World). This has been going on for quite some time. There are many cases that will show, when investigated that they are victims of the most gruesome fraud ever brought to the unknowing public ever. In one case we found PPI being stolen that ended up as a case to steal the land, the property and the effects of the estate. This is an absolutely amazing fact that cannot and will not be ignored.

    As a representative of a family myself, I am sickened by the facts were presented. Many are part and parcel to the estate of now being investigated by many who are seeking resolution for the citizens of Washington State. Several of the investigations lead directly to a greater group of people being targeted by unknown agenda. Both from inside the state and from other states. In looking deep, my team has now seen at least more than one case. We are shocked that the media, the representatives of the states and the families do not say or do more about this epidemic. We also believe that many people have no idea at all what is happening, or what caused it all to happen to them or their loved ones.

    The targeting of groups of people is amazing. What we found is that one group of marketers have focused in in 4 major groups of people in the 15 western states. The groups are babby boomers (seniors), Moms & young mothers, teens and young adults in 3 generations, and children under ages of 16. This is sad to see as organized as it is... happening. These marketers use web sites and stay in zones and areas using disinformation and lures to gain customers. They study their buying habits and then plan assaults' upon them using tactics of all sorts. Some will boomerang as we see it, but many do not. The lure plays 2 sides of every coin as well. The victims are going to react in any case to the marketing team goals. Money, the promise of money, food, gifts, deals on home repair or upkeep and much more are being marketed.