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Monday, May 17, 2021

Morning Coffee - SheepNoMore


  1. When the sheep feel asleep, it was 1958, but by 1997, they were resting well, it took 3 years to prep the towers and No.7 (Engine Engines Number Nine, Running down the Chicago Line). Remember dads favorite call? [What are shovels for? (Gardening). [Y[[[e]]]P] "We Grind the Coffee!" Due You? 911? ~ It all fell in a moment and someone yelled pull it.. No the chicken... we all know. Where are the bugs we stampeded? Why was it all a cover up clean up effort? Who really knew back in 1983? Rob? Robert, Bob, Bill > Mr. Rogers? Kenny P? Nick New what house? Who was the one who snuck in your back lot, he sure did not enter the trough the unlocked front door. Remember when you could trust the news?

  2. Sold Out /// YeP \\\ It sure did... All sold out... 518 Eruption Event. Act Of God. Never forget 1980. Softball - Pitcher - Out Cold. Thanks Steve, I made it home. Alive.