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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Opaque - Biffy Clyro | Acoustic cover by Neil Nesbitt #opaque #biffyclyr...


  1. Using their own tools on them is going to be easy... and I love Gaiter myself. Software, Planes, Reverse Engineering, Buying stoke in their evil companies and owning it all to see their end is not bad either... Gold standard.

  2. This is the best Q ever! We all are looking in an doing more good by doing so than ever beefore. The world around you need a pan of cookies and humble pie. Less friction and more harmony. Do you all see it too? Listed to t this guy's wisdom for a minute and be blessed. Life goes on in the good way if you are the plow and ice breaker, you make the path. Don't trough out anchors in water that are not acceptable unless you all know the harbor, inlet and streams. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIDE