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Thursday, May 13, 2021

These Officers and The Chief of Plano PD Should Resign

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  1. The targeting of groups of people is amazing. What we found is that one group of marketers have focused in in 4 major groups of people in the 15 western states. The groups are babby boomers (seniors), Moms & young mothers, teens and yuoung adults in 3 generations, and children under ages of 16. This is sad to see as organized as it is... happening. These marketers use web sites and stay in zones and areas using disimfromation and lures to gain customers. They study their buying happbits and then plan assults upon them using tactics of all sorts. Some will boomerang as we see it, but many do not. The lure plays 2 sides of every coin as well. The victums are going to react in any case to the markting tem goals. Money, the promis of money, food, gifts, deals on home repair or upkeep and much more are being marketed.