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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Web Traffic Tracing with G.W. & Kris "The I.P." Hunter - [SpeakOutTourUSA] Phase III Begins Here

Questions... Updated 5/8/2021 By Coffee Crew Podcast Team.

A Few Questions - Question Everything 

Who is so afraid that you know who rigged the elections and it was all connected to BELGRADE
What is 1 Ping?
What is the meaning?
Who cares so much as to kill all information connected to the steal of liberty?
Why are they all that scared to keep going?
Who was it that killed the FB accounts of yours, your family and others? 
What kill Larry's accounts day after day? 54 - 45 from Vue @ 1.9 Deep ... #GotYah!

54 Test confirmed at 4:21 [1621] 4:42. 
55 - Completed - What is Horse Sense? 
56 - People Know - Ask Wally Gator! #GetTeeth #WallyGator
57 - Rest well. ~ Too many White Cells - It's in the air. [AirDelivery] 
58 - Enjoy The Show = Phase III Begins Here! Buckle Up [Again]. 

Fresh Grind. #SmeltTheCoffee #CoffeeCrew #Coffee #CoffeeCrewShow

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