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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Esoteric Agenda - AmenStop Productions via @BitChute

 Esoteric Agenda - AmenStop Productions via @BitChute


@SaltyElk @ElfReich While #streetpreaching in the #hilltop in 1989, a group of rangers when rogue and wild attacking the crips. The caused a cover up of a murder at the local #JB #JBLM and it was covered up for #23years. Well, fast forward, this happened to unlock it all. #and it all make sense if you were sitting or standing in my shoes. I now want to throw shoes myself. My would-be GF called my daughter because she did not want to call me to tell me my would-be grandson died of fentanyl poisoning, after I told them all (all my family) I knew how to stop the drug dealers lacing the pot and meth. I know it was his choice, but what good did it to have our family so divided. Wake up, unite, teach your children, stop this insanity and the cartels. #bengazi was a result of a covered up murder at #JB in Lakewood WA outside Parkland WA - they converted my old AA Hall into a process center for the theft  and resale of moms estate. I even turned in letters to the cops, but they were all in on it. Say anything you want, I have the cam footage to prove it all and 8TB of supporting evidence against the DS near me. Worse yet, Sundland was being, Russia gate 2 from Mercer Island WA and I know all about the big picture. I'll testify Agin in the morning to the AG and on the 200 thumb drives I sent out as of this morning after the county cut my water off. The state wants my land too. We are all in the dame DURHAM BOAT. #watch. 

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