Coffee Crew Show and Morning Coffee is Always On! We Are The News Now! USA Trump Supporters are Welcome. We support liberty, Justice and Balance #GodWins

1st Things 1st - #1stThings1st - If you are ready, The show is going to be STAND UP Comedy on 3 days and All Day! [10 28 21] - STAND UP ROOM ONLY USA!

 Upcoming Events and Activities ... Fresh Grind!

You are invited to the USA STAND UP show! 

Meet The Coffee Crew In Your Town/City and State or Territory!

Country and USA Event Schedules for 1028


What is happening? Look Up - See - Know - Rigged Policies! - The Strom.

All Across the Country the Coffee Crew will be there. 

  • [Do It Q] & Patriots. 
  • Family Events
  • Activities
  • Socially Distanced?
  • Unmasked
  • Go Mask less
  • No Mask Zones
  • What is the October Surprise? 

Remember: "An attack on one is an attack on all...!" 

Great Topic and Show Features!

Know Your Big R Rights! Coffee With Carlos - Covering the US Constitution and more! 4/17/2020 = 

Best of Coffee Crew Shows!

Q: Who would you invite or fly in... and why? Where? Security Details & Event Staff? 

Q: What is it all about and when did it all get started for you? - Tell us! 

Q: What are you doing to help others STAND UP on the journey to Liberty? - Tell Us!

Q: 1774 & 1775 Reenactments? - Can you provide this activity? Join the Crews across the nation?

Q: 1871 Reviews. - Specials [Guest Speaker's Main Stage]

Q: How the West Was WON? #Belgrade - It's all connected. (See Also BELGRADE) - 1 PING).

Guest List Include: Lists

  • All States: List
  • All Cities: List
  • Speakers by State: Lists 
  • Special Events: Nation Wide Coverage 

Why is is Important?

Q: Can you lead a group and help provide food and entertainment? Security? Games? Music? 


  • The Patriots of the nation are all aware that not everyone get the memo.
  • The friends' of the USA are also aware of the facts that matter. 102821*1
  • The secret squeals in your closet is turned off when you say, "Alexis Off!" 
You call the shots here... Contact Us if you can contribute or lead a group. 


Questions... Updated 5/8/2021 By Coffee Crew Podcast Team.

A Few Questions - Question Everything 

Who is so afraid that you know who rigged the elections and it was all connected to BELGRADE
What is 1 Ping?
What is the meaning?
Who cares so much as to kill all information connected to the steal of liberty?
Why are they all that scared to keep going?
Who was it that killed the FB accounts of yours, your family and others? 
What kill Larry's accounts day after day? 54 - 45 from Vue @ 1.9 Deep ... #GotYah!

54 Test confirmed at 4:21 [1621] 4:42. 
55 - Completed - What is Horse Sense? 
56 - People Know - Ask Wally Gator! #GetTeeth #WallyGator
57 - Rest well. ~ Too many White Cells - It's in the air. [AirDelivery] 
58 - Enjoy The Show = Phase III Begins Here! Buckle Up [Again]. 

Fresh Grind. #SmeltTheCoffee #CoffeeCrew #Coffee #CoffeeCrewShow. 



  2. Help us fill in the details.
    It's an American Thing To Do.
    July 4th 2021 is going to be good.
    June 9 Anniversary party coming.
    Family Reunions Follow!
    Read for that victory garden.
    Questions of a FREEMAN: How long will the current situation take to pull down when the people stand up?

  3. 7/11
    Run To The Store
    Air Deliver
    Smiley Faces?
    Happy All Around
    Thank the Local 80 Teachers
    Monday Came.

  4. Y9 Been There?
    Clean House
    Too many Towels
    Paper Everywhere
    Trim Tabs
    Canceled Programs