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  1. No JOBs is a reference to John Brenen,[CROOKED FBI/C_A],& a very bad man for America. We all know and must see to it that you remove him and all his allies from the office and any authority in the USA. These evil men have plotted and are out and out traitors who think they are slick enough to get away with it too. They will not. Patriots are in control and will make a show of force in God Time. Timing is Everything. WATCH D5

    The best thing we have ever seen is the flushing out to all the traitors, sedition, the liars and those defending anything other than the USA. #TrumpWon and is the one who is more the victor than all the cooks in DC. State Level Crooks and Corruption is also a point that will soon be seen and put to an end. I see it coming and the 30 & 40 year old should be proud of what the have to do to remain free and have full liberty. That happened once and look like it has to happen again. May 10, 1775 was a curse. Stop the Tyranny. Stand for something! Game Over. USA