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Links are here to channels we post to as we produce podcasts.

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Connect The Dots

This group is a great group that you can invite your friends to. How would you like to to do a little project. We use posits to make moments about an event that we were TI in by the DS. Then we map it all out & Connect the dots. We started AsOneQ

CoffeeCrew — Yesterday at 1:54 PM


Coffee Crew Public Hut

Public Group News and Sharing of News and Decodes... Share it all. Worry about the real issues and freedom, then share the truth.

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Farm Hand

This the Farm Hand Who Does the Heavy Lifting! USA CGB built it in between 1919 and the End of WW2 USA. Tested and used 30 Years for The Farmer and Needs of the LIFT.

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You can view and join @SpeakOutTourUSA right away.

[2:00 PM]


Pastor Locke's Chatroom

You can view and join @pastorlocke2 right away.

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You can view and join @protrump_qanon right away.

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Coffee Crew Show Podcast

This is the PUBLIC Coffee Crew Show Podcast back stage site. We are sharing information dan talking daily with 1000(s) of people world wide. WWG1WGA USA WWG1WGA Worldwide see more at https://www, - for the daily podcasts HOME

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